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The tasks of the Main Administrative Office are: 

  • to register and route incoming documents into the appropriate document database;
  • to review and reject incoming regular and electronic mail if not delivered in compliance with the regulations in force;
  • to classify documents and ensure that the document databases are complete;
  • to forward, at the request of employees, documents that are not stored in a document database in electronic form and, and at the request of the Office of the Secretary-General of the Government also data stored in a document database in electronic form;
  • to receive, scan, mark and dispatch materials and reproduce documentary materials;
  • to prepare documentary materials for microfilms and other tasks relating to further micro-processing of the materials;
  • to transport and deliver mail, files and other documents, money and other materials;
  • to prepare and file electronic documents and keep appropriate records;
  • to perform tasks relating to the take-over, storage, preservation, professional processing (editing, inventory, preparation of records) and use of documentary and archive materials in the permanent database, tasks of selecting archive material according to the instructions of the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia, exclusion of material the storage period of which has expired;
  • to keep records on documents (also containing personal data and data classified as confidential) on different storage media (paper, microfilm, e-records);
  • to search, digitalise and send via e-mail archived documents and documents on microfilms not directly accessible in the information system of the Secretariat-General of the Government upon the request of the employees;
  • to prepare electronic documentary materials for archiving and archive electronic materials (currently it is still participating in the development of the system of electronic storage of documentary and archive materials);
  • to copy documentary and archive materials;
  • to order and provide paper for copying and printing, and to keep records of paper provided; 
  • to prepare analyses and draft reports on the work of the Main Administrative Office.