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The Division shall perform the following tasks:

  • prepare, organise and conduct the sessions of the Government Committees, the Economic and Social Council, and other working bodies of the Government as instructed by the Secretary-General of the Government;
  • provide opinions, responses and other materials for the Government to formulate its position on the proposals and applications made by unauthorised petitioners or refer documents to the competent authorities for consideration, except in the case of materials of the National Assembly and materials in the area of international cooperation;
  • coordinate the work of the competent ministries and government services concerning materials submitted for consideration by line ministries, and reject materials in accordance with the Secretary-General's powers;
  • coordinate the work of the competent ministries, government services, representatives of the civil society, professional organisations and institutions and/or social partners associated with the materials discussed;
  • examine government materials and establish their compliance with the Rules of Procedure of the Government and of the National Assembly, as well as their harmonisation with other line ministries;  
  • prepare, organise and conduct tripartite negotiations on social contracts, agreements on wage/salary policy or other negotiations pursuant to decisions of the Economic and Social Council (ESC), and meetings of various working groups as decided by the ESC;
  • cooperate with the European Economic and Social Council and its bodies, the International Association of Economic and Social Councils and other similar institutions, and with the Economic and Social Councils of the EU Member States and other countries;
  • communicate with foreign institutions, ministries and government services, and social partners in connection with nominations, materials and information;
  • organise working meetings and other activities on the occasion of visits by foreign delegations to the Economic and Social Council and arrange participation in working meetings, meetings and conferences organised by European institutions in the field of work of economic and social councils;
  • draft reports and minutes of committees and councils of the Government;
  • prepare decisions adopted by the Government arising from final debates in committees;
  • monitor the implementation of the positions of committees and councils of the Government and decisions of the Government arising from final debates in committees and councils;
  • directly track the sessions of the National Assembly;
  • prepare verbatim records of sessions of the Government and its working and expert bodies;
  • perform administrative and technical tasks associated with the work of the Division;
  • monitor European legislation and other foreign legislation in the relevant working area;
  • keep records and draft reports on the work of the Division.