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The Secretariat-General of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

Gregorčičeva 20

p.p. 638

SI-1001 Ljubljana


T: +386 1478 10 00

F: +386 1478 16 07





Secretary-General of the Government:

Stojan Tramte



The Secretariat-General of the Government shall perform the tasks defined in the Decree establishing the Secretariat-General of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (Uradni list RS, no 25/10).


These tasks shall be carried out by the following internal organisational units: 





1 Office of the Secretary-General of the Government

2 Division for the Preparation and Conduct of Government Sessions

3 Division for Cooperation with the National Assembly and for European and International Cooperation

4 Division for Administration of Government Working Bodies and Councils

5 Division Supporting the Work of the Government Commission for Administrative Affairs and Appointments

6 Division for Cooperation and Support of the Prime Minister's Office

7 IT Division

8 General Affairs Division:

   Finance Section

   Public Procurement Section


9 Joint Internal Audit Service

10 Defence Preparations and Security Service

11 Technical Services Division:

   Technical and Maintenance Section

   Car Service Section

12 Translation and Interpretation Division

13 Main Administrative Office








* The library is not an independent internal organisation unit.